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Sustainable Blog Development 💸

October 18, 2019

We all know advertising sucks, but when it comes to writing blog articles and getting paid for it, a necessary evil. If you are a conscious…

Why I use Fish Shell over Bash and Zsh 🐟

July 03, 2019

The things that make Fish great, the caveats and which (few) plugins you need to complete the experience. One of the main allurements of…

Wrestling with Apollo Local State and winning 🤼‍♂️

May 16, 2019

Recently we bought into GraphQL and use it in every one of our web apps, both on the client and server level. It’s been helpful reducing…

Hacking my Honeymoon with Javascript 🤣

May 01, 2019

How I used a little javascript to book The Giraffe Manor in Kenya When my wife saw this post on Instagram, she was immediately hooked: With…

A job queue for a micro-service world 🌎

January 29, 2019

An explanation into how we built a job queuing system for use in a micro-service context and how we contributed back our work along the way…

How Learning Elixir Made Me a Better Programmer 🥃

August 20, 2018

After getting comfortable with a couple programming technologies, developers usually stop there; your job and the systems you maintain may…

The Best Parts of The Pragmatic Programmer 📚

March 11, 2018

The Pragmatic Programmer remains relevant since its 1999 release, even though the software space is evolving at a Nascar-like pace. Standing…

My Mac Stack 🖥️

December 17, 2017

The average workday goes as follows: Coworker comes to my desk to ask me a question Sees something radical happening on screen Asks why they…

Resolving tricky situations with git reset and rebase 🧶

October 01, 2017

You should care about how clean your Git history is. It provides a way to communicate changes to a codebase with other developers who you…